HELSINKI, FINLAND (MARCH 24, 2020) – MEGIN is pleased to announce the smooth and successful installation of the TRIUX neo at Cambridge University’s MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit (CBU). In a display of exceptional teamwork between the the MEGIN and MRC CBU’s technical teams, the whole process from project kick off to final installation was just a short 4 months. The process included the dismantling of the CBU’s old MEG system and building renovations.

MRC CBU’s Dr. Olaf Hauk said: “I am excited that we now have the latest EEG/MEG technology available at the CBU, including the new Helium recycling system. Our EEG/MEG labs are used by a large number of research groups around Cambridge. The collaboration between the CBU’s and MEGIN’s teams has been exemplary, and we are looking forward to the exciting research that will come out of our EEG/MEG in the future.” The MEG will support the CBU’s world-leading research into the neural processes underlying cognition in health and brain diseases.

MEGIN would like to extend a thank you to Dr. Olaf Hauk, Gary Chandler and the whole MRC CBU team.

“We’re very excited to continue our collaboration with the MRC CBU’s world class research team, and eager to see what ground-breaking research they complete using our best in class MEG technology.” John Fulford, Managing Director for MEGIN.



The MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit is a leading research centre for advancing understanding of human cognition such as memory, attention, perception, language and emotion. They aim to translate research findings to improve health and wellbeing, including developing psychological therapies for mood disorders, improving our understanding of cognitive problems in childhood, and optimising diagnostic and rehabilitative techniques for neurological conditions.


MEGIN is a neuroscience technology company based in Helsinki, Finland.  The company is focused on developing innovative solutions for functional brain imaging for the presurgical evaluation of epilepsy, brain tumours or other lesions of the brain.  For over 30 years, MEGIN has been the global leader in magnetoencephalography (MEG) technology, and launched in 2018 the fourth-generation MEG system, TRIUX™ neo. The TRIUX neo provides a non-invasive, real time view of patient specific neural activity with millimeter accuracy and millisecond resolution and provides the most precise information currently available on the market today.