HELSINKI, FINLAND (JULY 7, 2020) – MEGIN is pleased to announce the sale of our fourth-generation technology, the TRIUX™ neo, to Amsterdam UMC, location VU University Medical Center (VUmc). VUmc is one of the largest care and research institutions in the Netherlands and is well known as a leading academic center in the Netherlands focusing on healthcare, research and education. VUmc increasingly adopts a multidisciplinary approach to care: consultation, diagnosis, and treatment plan can be completed in a single visit to the clinic or outpatient department.

VUmc has been a long-term partner of MEGIN’s, having installed our 2nd generation technology, the Elekta Neuromag® system over 10 years ago. Dr. Arjan Hillebrand from VUmc highlights that the system has enabled them to expand the clinical use of MEG. Besides the established use of MEG in patients with epilepsy who are candidates for epilepsy surgery, they have been using MEG routinely for differential diagnosis in patients who visit VUmc’s memory clinic. And more recently, MEG has been added as a biomarker in the outpatient clinics for Multiple Sclerosis and for Movement disorders. The whole brain coverage of the system has greatly enhanced their capability to approach the brain as a complex network, which has provided fundamental insights into the disease mechanisms in several neurological disorders. The team of Professor Kees Stam and Dr. Arjan Hillebrand is eager to expand on this work, which will benefit greatly from the increased stability and accuracy of the TRIUX™ neo.* 

MEGIN is happy to continue working with VUmc and to be able to upgrade them to the world’s most advanced magnetoencephalography (MEG) technology. VUmc will see several improvements with their move to MEGIN’s 4th generation technology, the TRIUX™ neo. The newest system incorporates state-of-the-art, ultra-resilient ARMOR™ sensor technology, which makes the sensors largely immune to magnetic fields, eliminating flux-trapping as well as any need to tune the device outside of maintenance. This is particularly relevant in the presence of implanted devices, such as vagus nerve stimulators, a common treatment for epilepsy, which is a common clinical application of MEG technology. And importantly, with MEGIN’s new Internal Helium Recycler, VUmc will completely eliminate the weekly helium refill with the zero-helium boil-off technology dramatically reducing their helium consumption, an increasing cost which can be 75,000 EUR a year or more.

“We’re delighted to continue our partnership with VUmc and to be able to upgrade this world class facility to our latest state-of-the-art MEG technology. They are well known for both the high-quality care they deliver to their patients and their world leading MEG research. We are pleased that our technology will continue to be a part of these initiatives going forward.” – John Fulford, Managing Director, MEGIN.



MEGIN is a neuroscience technology company based in Helsinki, Finland. The company is focused on developing innovative solutions for functional brain imaging for the presurgical evaluation of epilepsy, brain tumours or other lesions of the brain. For over 30 years, MEGIN has been the global leader in magnetoencephalography (MEG) technology, and in 2018 launched the fourth-generation MEG system, TRIUX™ neo. The TRIUX neo provides a non-invasive, real time view of patient specific neural activity with millimeter accuracy and millisecond resolution and provides the most precise information currently available on the market today.


*Copyright 2020 © MEGIN – TRIUX neo is available for sale in e.g. EU, Japan, Canada, and USA markets. In other geographical areas, contact your local MEGIN representative. TRIUX™ neo is approved for use to non-invasively locate regions of epileptic activity within the brain and, in conjunction with other diagnostic data, in neurosurgical planning. All other applications are research in nature.


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