HELSINKI, FINLAND (November 26, 2020) – MEGIN is delighted to be partnering with Spectrum Health’s Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan, by delivering our fourth-generation technology, the TRIUX™ neo. We are excited to expand the access of MEG technology to children who need it most and we are proud to be part of building one of the first MEG sites in the state of Michigan. When children and their families are going through the difficult and stressful experience of dealing with epilepsy or a brain tumor, the TRIUX™ neo makes a difference.

Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital is a 234-bed regional referral center and teaching hospital based in Michigan. It offers advanced pediatric specialty care with more than 300 pediatric physicians who practice in more than 50 pediatric specialties and programs. The hospital is Michigan’s largest neonatal center and is ranked as a Best Children’s Hospital by U.S. News & World Report.

The TRIUX™ neo provides access to patients, both pediatric and adults, for the most precise information currently available on the market for functional brain mapping. MEG is a highly sensitive technology that can accurately detect and localize neural events that are generated in the brain with millimeter accuracy and millisecond resolution. It is used by neurosurgeons to support surgical procedures for epilepsy and brain tumors in children as well as adults. Moreover, it is completely silent and non-invasive, making the experience very well tolerated by children.

We are excited to partner with such a prominent institution like the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital and happy to be a part of the solution delivering high-quality care to their patients.

”MEG is used to precisely localize sources of epilepsy and can map the brain and tell where the child’s motor, sensory and language functions are, without having to operate on the child’s brain” said Angel Hernandez, MD, division chief for neurosciences at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital. ”Given the most common alternative is to use electrodes deep in the brain or placed directly on the exposed surface of the brain, MEG is a huge benefit to the child and major stress reliever for their families.”

”Every applicable patient should have the opportunity to use MEG technology and we’re so pleased to work with the Spectrum Health System to make that happen with the TRIUX™ neo,” concluded John Fulford, Managing Director, MEGIN OY.


About MEGIN 

MEGIN is a neuroscience technology company based in Helsinki, Finland. The company is focused on developing innovative solutions for functional brain mapping for the presurgical evaluation of epilepsy, brain tumors or other lesions of the brain. For over 30 years, MEGIN has been the global leader in magnetoencephalography (MEG) technology and launched in 2018 the fourth-generation MEG system, TRIUX™ neo. The TRIUX neo provides a non-invasive, real-time view of patient-specific neural activity with millimeter accuracy and millisecond resolution, providing the most precise information currently available on the market.


*Copyright 2020 © MEGIN – TRIUX neo is available for sale in the European Union, Japan, Canada, the United States, as well as certain other countries. In other geographical areas, contact your local MEGIN representative. TRIUX™ neo is approved for use to non-invasively localize regions of epileptic activity within the brain and, in conjunction with other diagnostic data, in neurosurgical planning. All other applications are research in nature.  

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