Being part of an inspiring mission: working as a software engineer at MEGIN

MEGIN is the world leader in magnetoencephalography (MEG), a non-invasive functional neuroimaging solution. Being part of a company mission that’s tied up with helping people and working on the best version of this life-altering tech brings me a lot of job satisfaction.


My background & journey into software engineering

I studied computer science (major) and mathematics (minor) at Aalto University. Before I joined MEGIN, I worked in a company in public participation where we created a public relations tool for city planners and architects. Then I joined Holvi, a banking and payment service for entrepreneurs as one of the back-end engineers managing payment infrastructure.


Joining MEGIN: what do I do as a Senior Software Engineer?

In my role as a Senior Software Engineer, some of the things I work on a daily basis include coding in JavaScript, setting up our development environment, and continuous integration (CI). We have to work closer to hardware than in traditional web development as the end-data comes from a physical MEG scanner.

MEGIN has a suite of offerings, including hardware, software, service, training and education, and we are a small but important part of our wider engineering function.

While MEGIN has had many new joiners in recent years, we also have team members who were some of the original MEG pioneers and I really enjoy learning coding from them: the amalgamation of their experiences, as well as the coding approaches from newer team members is conducive to an innovative and collaborative team. At MEGIN, I am always learning in an engaging and challenging environment.


Finding purpose in MEGIN’s mission

For 30 years, MEGIN has been at the forefront of the MEG field. The main clinical application for our device, the TRIUX™ neo, is to localize regions of activity responsible for seizures within the brain of epileptic patients. MEG measures ongoing brain activity on a millisecond-by-millisecond basis, showing where in the brain the activity is produced.

What really motivates me, is that our technology and its applications can influence clinical decision-making and a patient’s treatment plan. I love hearing inspiring stories about patients becoming seizure-free following epilepsy surgery with the help of MEG and our product. It’s rewarding to know our technology is part of what made that possible.

I like using my technical and engineering knowledge to not just do business, but do good, knowing that I’m positively impacting people’s lives with my work.


Why I like MEGIN’s open working culture

We have a very flat structure that works well for an engineering team and allows for all team members to contribute freely. Our open and research-led work community means that I get to have a real impact without unnecessary silos and micromanaging. We also try hard to ensure that people feel like their careers are advancing. It’s all about translating progress and communicating value to ensure that people feel satisfied.

For us, it’s not about having one person who knows everything. We always seek the best approach. At MEGIN, we prefer to keep things organic and context-dependent, prioritizing a sense of conversation and an atmosphere of respect.

I definitely feel listened to, it’s an extremely important part of our working culture. Everyone’s voices are heard.


How MEGIN supports its people

When you join MEGIN, you have a chance to make a real impact as part of a growing team, with an opportunity to be part of shaping the company’s culture and processes.

A great aspect of MEGIN’s culture is its emphasis on work-life balance. Personally, this was much appreciated when my second child was recently born. The company is a supportive environment for parents and families.


Interested in joining MEGIN? Check out our current roles here and connect with me on LinkedIn!