MEG Lab/Clinic Setup

Technical Support and Consultation Services

For us, customer care starts long before delivery of the equipment.

Our customer care team routinely interacts with the customer’s organization throughout the planning phase and offers the knowledge needed to secure a risk-free and successful implementation of a MEG laboratory, on schedule and at budget.


Site Selection

Site Design

Site Selection and screening is critical to ensuring quality MEG scans. The MEGIN customer care team works in close coordination with the customer to identify and screen potential locations to select the optimal site. Special consideration is given to minimize vibrations, acoustic noise, magnetic and electric interference and to optimize patient flow and working conditions.

Once an acceptable location has been selected, the MEGIN team works with the customer’s architects and planners to develop a preliminary site plan to ascertain that a well-functioning MEG laboratory may be built into the available space. Guidance from an experienced team in the early stage helps in minimizing cost, improving workflow layouts, and contributing to improved quality of the MEG system once installed.


Project Planning

Finally, the MEGIN team, based on the experience of multiple different MEG projects, co-operates with and guides the user organization to develop a solid implementation plan. 

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